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Tesla Offtake Agreement

The Tesla deal will account for less than 25 percent of Kidman`s share of the refinery`s initial display plate production for the first three years of operation. Core MD Stephen Biggins notes that the promising partnership follows after the company met intensively with several potential customers and project promoters. In addition to the Transamine agreement and Core`s mandatory purchase agreement with China`s Yahua for 75,000 tons per year, the company will continue to actively negotiate with a number of parties for Finniss` remaining production. Assuming that the removal of Umicore is bound to katanga and contains approximately 5 ktpy cobalt in hydroxide, glencore`s promised production from the asset amounts to 24.5 ktpy cobalt in the contained hydroxide. With a nominal capacity of 30 ktpy, this represents 82% of the production already blocked; Katanga produced 17.1 ktpy cobalt contained in hydroxide during the start-up phase in 2019. The first five-year agreement means Piedmont will supply about one-third of its 160,000 tons of spodume concentrates per year from its North Carolina deposits. Both companies have the option to extend the agreement for another five years. ASX-listed Core Lithium has signed a non-binding agreement to supply its first European purchasing partner, Transamine Trading. Since mid-2019, Glencore has been active in securing long-term contracts with downstream li-ion-cathode, cellular and OEM customers.

As a result, in 2019, mining giant Mutanda, one of the world`s leading facilities, focused on maintenance and upkeep. It is clear that Glencore has strategically focused on the forward sale of its hydroxide stocks, as well as the future production of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the cobalt metal of Murrin Murrin in Australia (destined for BMW). The agreement`s roadmap paves the way for a binding agreement later this year, under which Core will supply 50,000 tonnes of lithium concentrate to Geneva-based trading company Transamine for five years. It intends to enter into a limited number of weight loss agreements, while a minority share of the delivery is not allocated. He adds that despite the restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and sufficient supply in the short term, the transamine agreement still confirms the intensity of lithium demand in the long term. . . .